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  • Soft stress ball custom key tags can appeal to different kinds of consumers

    Thursday 6th June 2013

    Stress ball custom key tags can come in a variety of different familiar shapes, including a baseball.This blog has spoken before about the benefits of custom key tags, and while it has mainly focused on hard or flexible plastic models, there are other types that may be used to best represent the personality of a particular brand. For example, consider the softer touch with a "stress ball" key tag that is colorful and designed in a pleasing shape. Both of these things can send an important message to consumers.

    Softer promotional key tags have the benefit of being compact and easy to fit into different spaces. They offer less resistance when hanging from a key ring or loop on a backpack, and can offer a pleasant element of interactivity for customers. More than that, though, is the fun and laid-back attitude they can send, as well as the industry-appropriate shapes that can apply to workers in a variety of professions, such as sports equipment or a heart.

    In addition to be attractive and fun, these attachments can offer special surfaces on which to display an institution's specific promotional messages, something unique to these personalized key tags that can make a certain promotional event seem far more lively, especially in comparison to the merchandise offered by other companies which may not as closely reflect who they are.

    But the best value in custom stress ball key tags might be in their name: the relief of stress. Whether they are used for this purpose or not they are a pleasing option that businesses can keep in mind when evaluating the types of merchandise they feel could best accompany their name.