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  • Outside drinking calls for custom bottle opener key tags

    Thursday 6th June 2013

    Accessorize your keys with a custom bottle opener key tag. Tired of taking out your keys to let your friends borrow your custom bottle opener key tag every 10 minutes? Be a friend and hand out personalized bottle opener key tags at an event so you will not have to run into this problem again.

    Sure, some might think that they don't need one because they have a lighter or another bottle, but they seem to always come back to your custom key tag. Using that second bottle still leaves one unopened and, if you use a stranger's lighter, there's a chance that person will not get it back if you break it. Either scenario leaves all bottle drinkers on a whim. This problem can easily be averted if there were more key tags around.

    Why should anyone be in that kind of the situation? During the summer, drinking outdoors happens at all hours of the day, for many occasions. If you leave a bowl of customized bottle opener key tags at a party, people will take them and attach them to their keys. The best thing about the custom bottle opener key tag is that it is a lot lighter than carrying around a conventional bottle opener. 

    After summer is over, your key tag will still be in commission. People might ask for your custom bottle opener key tag again, but consider it a way to meet new people. When a person adds anything to their set of key chains, it's usually there for life. Every time a person locks their door with those keys, they will see your custom key tag and remember how they obtained it.