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  • Sending a message with personalized bottle opener key chains

    Tuesday 30th April 2013

    Bottle openers are a common enough item on many promotional key tags, but they can appeal to more than you’d think.When getting ready to inform the world about a new development within your business, it helps to think seriously about who will be using your promotional merchandise and for what exact purpose. At the same time, some things have a wider appeal than they may seem at first, and bottle opener key chains provide a good example of that. The obvious demographic for this kind of keyring attachment is college students, or younger folks more keen to spending time going out. But there are other potential markets that can be considered.


    As a general, summer-themed item, custom key tags that are portable and can withstand travel make for easy vacation or beach side companions. There is also a good reason to consider the design possibilities of your key chains, as many will most likely be most familiar with the basic simple lever "arm" shapes. Even if one never uses a certain keytag with an unusual shape or color, it's possible they'll keep it around just because of the way it looks. And the same goes for bottle opener key tags that have other interesting and useful functions, like lights, built in.


    These are just some of the ideas that present themselves. Personalized key chains offer different ways of reaching different people, and a good marketing idea for a basic object might come to a team in an unlikely way if they consider the different choices on offer.