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  • Unconventional packaging options for promotional key chains

    Wednesday 1st May 2013

    Travelers and those with luggage are just one of the groups that might be interested in promotional key tags, but marketers can generate more interest by including travel objects with their tags. This blog has discussed many times the necessity of implementing creative approaches to marketing events, and it's good to remember the different opportunities that become available depending upon what specific kinds of merchandise are being distributed. Items of different size and usability lend themselves better to various types of bundling and packaging that can free up new ideas to help distinguish a product from competitors. When it comes to promotional key tags, virtually any item can be included with them due to their minimal size. But marketers can make a better impression by potentially packaging things together with them that make sense or combine in natural ways.


    One example, if its available, could be the inclusion of a backpack or case to which the tag can be attached. This might be an option for a smaller event, or an instance in which individuals can be given larger items than usual. A more likely option could be including custom key tags with other, similarly useful items, like umbrellas or sunglasses, in a sort of "travel pack" for on-the-go customers.


    And if the personalized key chains being handed out are given particular messages that tie things together, this can help solidify a package and make the particular promotional event something more memorable and distinct. If there's a theme, like a seasonal occurrence or event that the launch is working under, that can be factored in as well. The worst thing is to be generic or bland. Picking a certain inscription that communicates the personality of your company can be a secret weapon for the savvy promotional team looking to hook audiences and make a strong, favorable impact.