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  • Businesses can stay close with custom key chains

    Tuesday 25th June 2013

    Custom key chains are a good way to increase brand recognition on a set of car keys.Grabbing a set of keys before leaving is a part of everyone's daily routine. Without keys, people are unable to drive their cars and lock their doors. It is a matter of necessity to have them nearby. Keys tend to look identical to one another at first glance because car keys have similar black covers at the key ring and house keys don't come in many colors.

    The best way to personalize a set of keys is with custom key chains. Doing this reduces a person's chance of leaving with the wrong set. 

    Promotional merchandise like key chains and custom key tags are an easy way for businesses to build attention. They're small and easy to attach to a person's set of keys. It may appear like a simple gesture to pass out flashlight key tags or bottle opener key chains at first, but users will remember your business' name or the logo associated with your company if it is attached to their set.

    The only way attendees will remember the companies they interacted with at a previous trade show is through constant reminders. Each time he or she touches their keys, they will see the personalized key tag. Mental reminders about your company can happen each time a bottle is opened with the key chain, or when it lights up a darkened room.

    This circle of walking down memory lane with the promotional key chain will very helpful in the coming months. Not only will they remember your business from a trade show, they will be interested in seeking out your organization to see what your business has to offer.