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  • Promotional key chains offer inexpensive alternative

    Wednesday 10th April 2013

    While some companies may invest serious money into high-tech solutions to losing keys, the simple affects of custom keytags can help potential consumers address the same problem with ease.

    In today's world, innovation is expected. The phrase "there's an app for that" has become a cliche, and customers have grown impatient for new ways to use their various devices. Yet, with all the emphasis on new technology, it's important to remember the advantages simple items may have over the competition. It doesn't take anything overly flashy for a brand to make a good impression, and the easily understood functionality of custom key chains can make them immediately valuable to users in ways that other approaches might neglect. While it's exciting to live in a time full of extraordinary solutions to common problems like lost keys, in cases like this a basic strategy can be more appealing to both consumers and distributors.  

    There are a few reasons PR teams can use key tags to address the same audience as "key finder" tech more effectively. For one, there's little to no explanation needed for promotional key tags and no electronic component to worry about. Even easy apps require charged phones, installation times, and other factors that can be taken for granted. Plus, as this blog has touched on before, making the logos featured on personalized key tags more visible can allow users to more readily identify their own set of keys from a distance. These are fundamental, effective, and most of all affordable ways to circumvent the heftier price tag that comes with transmitters, tracking chips and other systems.

    Peace of mind and a life of less clutter are some of the things a company might offer when enticing others to check out whatever it is they wish to advertise. Chances are, the audience will be someone in a hurry looking to simplify their possessions and it can help to cater to that idea in a way that many may overlook in the rush to make The Next Big Thing.